Our Goal.

Global consumer demand is rising for greener, more customisable, and higher quality products. NOVUM addresses these demands by utilising renewable cellulose-based raw materials and manufacturing methods such as 3D printing that offer unlimited customisation properties producing little to no waste.

Innovative Production Technologies destined to:

reduce energy expenditure

decrease labour & logistics

lower environmental impact

promote regional production

encourage local raw materials

favour industry 4.0 & 3D printing

Discover NOVUM.

Enabling the exploitation of full design potential of form generation through
innovative fabrication processes applied to cellulose-based electrical insulation components.
The concept will be based on multipliable technologies, permitting the transition and wide
adoption for cellulose-based materials across the process
industry and for applications in other industrial areas.


  • 3D printing of cellulose-based materials having thermoplastic features
  • Foam forming of cellulose fibres
  • Thermoforming of cellulose fibres



Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy (H2020-IND-CE-2016-17).

NOVUM will help renew Europe’s industrial capacities by creating information on the new kind of resource-efficient manufacturing lines and methods through demonstrating a novel process concept at pilot scale in one product area, electrical insulation components manufacturing.
NOVUM contributes “Towards a Circular Economy: A Zero Waste programme for Europe” goal relating to the specific challenge and scope of the topic SPIRE-09-2017: Pilot lines based on more flexible and down-scaled high performance processing. Pilot manufacturing line created during the project enables production of different kinds of customisable cellulose-based products in a cost and resource efficient way. EU contribution: EUR 6,480,353.13. 

Our aim.

Our aim is to achieve both significant efficiency improvement and higher productivity and flexibility,
while ensuring lower capital and operation costs as compared with
the state-of-the-art process.

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