WP 4 Pilot line based on novel manufacturing technologies for cellulose-based electrical insulation components

The Abis as a leader of Task 4.2 Detailed design completed following deliverables:

  1. Research works and market recognition were performed in the area of performing specific tasks such as:
    1. product vision shape and defect control,
    2. testing of metallic inclusions,
    3. surface treatment and cutting of cellulose based materials
  2. Selected technology and devices for dedicated stations tested
  3. Development of the concept of  models of production lines
  4. Completed project in the construction branches:
    1. Mechanical project
    2. Pneumatic project
    3. Electrical project
  5. Generated 2D and 3D schemes for production lines versions
  6. 3D simulation of PL

Finally pilot line layout looks like on schem below:

The Pilot Line consists of:

  • 3D printer – input product to the line
  • Robot #1 on the linear motion track, transferring parts between the sections of the Pilot Line
    • Gripper change station for Robot #1
    • Vision control station: 2D cameras or 3D scanner and illuminators, Robot #2,
  • Machining station consisting of:

o Robot #3 with automatic tool changer on the wrist

o Tool change station for Robot #3
o Machining table with exchangeable fixtures for parts
o Cover for cutting station and tool change station controlled automatically

  • Dust extractor – for filtration of ait extracted from the machining station during operation
  • Vacuum pump – creating the vacuum necessary to keep parts in the seats during machining
  • Shelves for changeable fixtures (manual fixture replacement – by the operator)
  • Inclined gravitational positioning table for precise part positioning by robot 1
  • Buffer for parts, with 5 automatically extending drawers with fixtures for parts of each type
  • Metal detection control station
  • Electrical cabinets


Detailed engineering show how product will be handling between stations by robot.

Considerable effort during the design work was dedicated to the scope of technology selection for visual quality control, metal detection and processing of cellulosic material.

The cellulosic material and the properties after the machining process must be closely matched to the use of products as insulating material in electrical engineering

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