NOVUM manufacturing – Utilizing learnings from consumer goods in isolation industry.

The NOVUM purpose is the advancement of novel thermoforming technology is the drive for energy and process efficient manufacturing. Initially to us this was defined as the combined efforts of advancements to the development for Impulse Drying Technology and SMART tools. In the efforts undertaken by what was previously ecoXpac A/S, now Paboco® – The Paper Bottle Company A/S, achievements to that effect have been notable in characterization of fields for ideal thermoforming process optimization, within complex 3D thermoforming. Surprisingly, but not unusual in development projects, these achievements were not the result of SMART tools, but rather achievements resulting from parallel thermoforming process development of another complex 3D fiber based product: the paper bottle.

By driving the development of its flagship product, Paboco® has invested in the mapping, characterization, optimization, implementation, and advancement of novel thermoforming methods. As such, the results and learnings of processing is a benefit in general learnings and achievements and learnings on these efforts.

It should also be noted, that with a new company structure, Paboco® is now the joint venture of ALPLA GmbH and BillerudKorsnäs, thereby becoming the leading entity on Paper Bottle thermoforming, and thereby complex 3D thermoforming. A heavy emphasis is placed on the scalability and increased robustness of the paper bottle process, which relies on 3D thermoforming manufacturing.

However, expectations of a one to one transference of learnings and results is always faced with its own challenges. The product composition within NOVUM is quite different in material base, along with specifications for use, than what is known from consumer goods. These challenges are part of the continued dedication to investigate and overcome along with the other consortium parties, as we now advance onto the 24th project month, a key decision point for the project.

From the advancements currently achieved within thermoforming technology process parameter characterization, it is the conclusion of Paboco® that the future work of the process as implemented in complex 3D production (the paper bottle) is a valuable asset to pursue further within the framework of the NOVUM project.


Author : Michael Michelsen, Business Manager at PABOCO

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