The subject of the WP 4 task is the construction of a pilot line.

Based on experience in developing projects for robotic production lines, Abis undertook the task of implementing prototype concepts and then implementing a test production line for the Novum project.

The subject of the implementation is the so-called handling, i.e. handling production sockets in the scope of product collection and transferring it to subsequent processing sockets. Two or three industrial robots are planned to be implemented. The first of them will receive the product from the product manufacturing sockets, the second robot will be responsible for cooperation with the vision quality control system. Depending on the amount of space and time of the production cycle, one of robot or third one can be used for surface treatment after vision control.

The vision inspection will be responsible for comparing the product with the standard in terms of dimensions, surface quality, and the presence of traps, excess material. Due to the high variability of products and very short series, this will be a very demanding task for vision programmers.

A significant challenge will also be the control of the presence of metallic elements, which due to the use of the product must be very sensitive.

Design plans for robot grippers will have to take into account the specificity of the product, the hardness and humidity of which may vary depending on the manufacturing method used.

For a product with higher humidity and less stiffness, so-called seasoning in the storage areas or in furnaces outside the process described here will be necessary before the inspection and surface treatment process.

The subject of the task may also be to extend the functionality with elements of product tracking, assigning it an identification number, collecting technological data from the printer and extruder during the molding process.

Author: Piotr Bistroń – Chairman of the Board at ABIS Krakow

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